quirky 7

Seventeenth day of the July Challenge:

Tell us 7 random facts about yourself:
  1.  At approximately 3 o'clock every afternoon, I run out of steam.  It is prime nap time.
  2. I have worn my hair in basically the same style since around 2000.  But before that, I would do wild things with my hair (asymmetrical cuts, half shaved, all kinds of experiments).
  3. I am a self-conscious doodler.
  4. I think I would be a really good judge for a talent show.
  5. Sometimes I am scared to set goals.  I hate to let myself down.
  6. I still feel confident without having a therapist at the ready.
  7. Taking the summer off was a brilliant idea.


Unknown said...

3pm is usually when my second wind drops in; Hub comes home, tea to be prepared etc etc but come 7pm, I am gone, gone.

Unknown said...

Our body's are funny things. My husband takes a lie about 3:00 every day.

Cristy S said...

My nap time is usually around 5. I get so tired. I will close my eyes for about 10 minutes and be good to go again. Hmm, they may be why I have insomnia lately. Maybe I should move my nap time. I pretty much have had the same hairstyle since high school. My hair doesn't do much. I've colored it a few times, but always let the color grow out. I hate disappointing myself too on goals. I am glad you took the summer off. Sounds like you needed to recharge your batteries.