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So excited to receive this award from The Gal! She is one of my dearest blog buddies. The Gal writes about politics, baseball, movies, and her life in Chicagoland. I aspire to be the friend she is to her friends.

Seven things about me?

1) As a drinker, I am a lightweight. Really. It's because of the medications I take. And it's kind of funny to me. I used to be able to drink a startling amount. I went about twelve years without drinking and then I started having an occasional glass of wine.

2) I would love to spend a month in Italy and Greece. Along the Mediterranean Sea.

3) When I eat a trail-mix type of food, I like to pick out and eat almost all of the food I don't like first, then it's a mix of my favorite stuff.

4) Although I am diligent with my skincare routine, I do not wear any make up.

5) I love every second of being on vacation but I would have a hard time not doing a lot for an extended period of time. Speaking of loving every second of vacation, I think I'm really good at celebrating moments. Of being present.

6) I might investigate going on a whale watch. I haven't been in quite a few years. I don't want to go to Bar Harbor, though, it's too touristy. Maybe from Quebec.

7) I just found out Elvis Costello is going to be in concert in November. I think I must get tickets!

Ok, seven nominees:

Diana, Cristy, Paula, Cat, Mrs. Chili, Bev, and you!


Cristy S said...

Your number 3, that's how I eat all the time. I like to save my favorite stuff for last. That way I know my meal or snack or whatever is going to end on a good note. Thanks for the nomination. I think I can handle coming up with 7 more random facts about myself.

Cristy S said...
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Paula said...

Thank you very much for the award. You are a good bloggy friend!

Diana_CT said...

Thank you for the award, it means a lot to me that you love my blog. :)

I'll post the blogs that i nominate on Saturday during "Saturday 9"

Diana_CT said...

P.S. I posted my 7 things about now.

Jasmine said...

Haha, for trail mix stuff, I just pick out the stuff I don't like and throw them away.... wasteful I know but that's why I rarely buy those type of product

Lisa G said...

You were on my list of people, but then I realized Gal already tagged you :) The whale watch thing sounds great--one year I took the Alaska Marine Highway (ocean-going ferries) from Bellingham, WA to Haines, AK (a four day trip, with a cabin, woohoo!) It is called "the poor man's cruise) as the ferry takes the same route up the Inside Passage as the cruise ships do. Anyhow, my point was that I saw an amazing number of both humpback whales and orca. The coolest thing was seeing the humpbacks breach--it was amazing!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Congratulations on your award. Huzzah! I love to read your blog, so it's fitting that you've received it, and a nomination from Boss Nurse, too. Lovely!