sunday stealing

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Sunday Stealing: The Summertime Meme

1.) What first tells you that Summer is here? when school's out

2.) Name your five of your favorite distinctively Summer habits or customs. 1) no alarm clock 2) no pants--shorts/skorts or dresses only 3) catching up with infomercials 4) lazy days 5) afternoon naps

3.) What is your favorite smell of Summer? fresh flowers

4.) What is your favorite taste of Summer? fresh strawberries

5.) Favorite Summer memory? all of them

6.) Extreme heat or extreme cold? Which would you choose and why? I'd choose extreme cold because I can always put on more layers. I don't do well with the heat and humidity.

7.) What books do you plan to read for the season? a lot!

8.) What is your favorite part of summer? long days

9.) What's your favorite quintessentially summer food? Least favorite? fresh strawberries, least favorite is blueberries

10.) Best beverage to beat the summer heat: iced coffee

11.) Least favorite/most annoying thing related to summer? bugs

12.) Pick one: the lake /the beach. either

13.) Most amusing summer vacation trip you've ever taken? my family road trip adventure from two summers ago

14.) Most ridiculous/cringe-inducing/blush-provoking summer outfit you have seen? (Bonus points if you yourself were wearing it!) nothing I've worn comes to mind

15.) Your absolute dream summer afternoon would be lounging on the porch, being fanned by a cabana boy, sipping a cold adult beverage, knitting or reading

16.) If you could go anywhere on summer vacation where would you go? Ireland... or somewhere with my sisters


Me. Myself said...

Man, I didn't even think about a cabana boy! But surely you mean you'd like a "cabana George"? :-)

I am Harriet said...

I've been buying the nicest strawberries at Aldi this summer. Unfortunately, I ran out yesterday.

The Gal Herself said...

I forgot about the longer days. I get so spoiled by the extra hours of daylight and kinda miss them when they dwindle away.

**** April **** said...

I, too, hate the summer bugs... Mosquitoes are like birds here... complete nuisances!