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This is a great summer read. It's got all the elements of a beach book: fashion, cocktails, a touch of mystery, summer romance, and a glamorous beach setting. I got right into the story but there were a couple of slow points. I enjoyed the book and characters enough to keep reading and I'm glad I did. This would be a very fun summer book group selection. There is a literary quality to it--the Gatsby and Fitzgerald references as well as other artists and works.

From the publisher:
Half-sisters Cassie and Peck could not be more different. Cassie is a journalist with her feet firmly planted on the ground; Peck is an actress with her head in the clouds. In fact, the only thing they seem to have in common is their inheritance. Fool's House is a broken-down home in the Hamptons left to Cassie and Peck by their Aunt Lydia, a house that she decreed they must share. But Cassie and Peck can't afford the place, and they can't agree on what to do with it. Plus, along with the house, they've inherited an artist-in-residence and self-proclaimed genius named Biggsy who seems to bring suspiciously bad luck wherever he goes. Cassie and Peck try to figure out their Aunt Lydia's puzzling instructions to "seek the thing of utmost value" in the house, but as summer comes to a close, they seem no closer to coming to a decision.

I enjoyed it.

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