day 14

Join the June Challenge--this is today's prompt:

Your earliest memory.

Uhhhmmmmm, yeah... the memory from childhood that stands out the most was when I had my father do a one-handed cartwheel. I am not sure why this memory is so frozen in my mind, but I can recall that it was a Saturday afternoon and it was quite warm out. We were sitting at the picnic table, my mother on the bench, me on the ground in front of her--she was combing out my hair. Dad was home between the two masses he played the organ for and we were laughing and joking around. My mother said something about him being able to do a cartwheel and my older sisters all started throwing themselves around, trying to do them. Dad ended up taking his glasses off, I held them, and with one hand he held his tie to his shirt and the next thing I knew he was upside down and right side up.

I reminded him of this a few months ago. Of course, he didn't remember it but he loved that it was such a vivid memory for me.


Paula said...

That would be an awesome memory! Thanks for sharing it!

Cristy S said...

How very sweet. What a great memory.

The Gal Herself said...

What a sweet story! And I love the little details -- you holding the glasses while he held his tie -- that make it so true.

Unknown said...

That is a nice memory. I can almost visualize it xx