ten things tuesday

Ten things about the letter U:

1) Ukelele: I wish I had one. I think it's so much fun.

2) Unicorns: I never understood why people freak out about unicorns. Except the Unicorn Song by the Irish Rovers.

3) Umbrellas: I came to love umbrellas when I was living in Ireland. Mostly because we had to walk everywhere and it rained every day. I learned to carry it around with me and now it's a habit.

4) Ummm: Sometimes I count how many audible pauses people interviewed on the news have. I just can't help myself.

5) Under: I just made you say underwear!

6) Understated: I like to be subtle.

7) Unplugged: used to be one of my favorite shows on VH1.

8) Urban Dictionary: This site keeps me up on what the students are saying. It's irreverent fun.

9) US History: Advanced placement or standard, I love colonial history.

10) U2: my favorite band since 1983. One day I will see them in concert!


Unknown said...

Great U's. I love U.S. History, too. So much of it in our part of the country!

Paula said...

Wow you lived in Ireland?