what's your spirit animal?

You Are a Bear

Like a bear, you are strong and confident. You don't second guess or doubt yourself.

You are tough in the face of adversity. If anything, having a challenge sharpens your mind and senses.

You are born to lead, and you have no trouble taking action when the time is right. You are very proactive.

You are rough when you need to be, but you are rarely hard on those in your life. You are a caretaker.

You know a lot about healing and emphasize its importance. You know how to heal yourself and others.

You take a lot of time for quiet, solitude, and rest. You don't exert yourself unless it's necessary.


I {heart} Rhody said...

It seems I'm a crow.

The Gal Herself said...

Reading the description, I think Bear is a good thing for a teacher to be.

I'm an owl. I don't know if it's accurate, but it is flattering.