ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) I'm currently covering a colleague's class. That means I've given up my planning period. No time without students. A reminder why I don't like freshmen. Maybe I resent this

2) Trying six types of poetry made the Poetry Challenge more interesting. I tried Kimo, Tanka, Senryu, Cinquain, Lune, free verse, and Haiku.

3) I cast on for my first sweater last night. I did a swatch and came out with perfect gauge! I almost finished the neck part, then it's time to switch from a circular needle to double points. I love the yarn I ordered for it. And I picked up a project I stalled out on in December, to alternate with the sweater.

4) I think I've finally accepted that I am not in therapy anymore. I don't have a therapist. I don't need a therapist.

5) Watching the movie Glory with my history classes. I've seen this movie probably eighty times during the course of my career. And yet, I am drawn into it every time.

6) It's hard not to hit panic mode about the AP Psych test. I've done the very best I could do teaching the class. I keep telling myself that. Yet I feel like such a failure for not preparing the students better for the exam. There is always better. I gave them solid strategies and materials, though, and we are preparing in class. I'm terrified. I do have goodie bags put together for them--I'll have to take a picture of the goodie bags.

7) Have I lamented that I'm out of Reese's eggs? I don't have any candy! I might get some licorice. I don't have any chocolate in my desk at school, either. My emergency supply is out!

8) I am so excited to start wearing my snazzy sandals and capri pants, and walking shorts, skorts, and summery clothes! I really thought I would go nuts if I had to wear corduroys one more day. One of my students complimented my clothes the other day. She was complimentary about my whole wardrobe--she loved my outfits and how I don't repeat. That made my day.

9) It's getting closer to my eldest niece's wedding. I am so excited! She's such a beautiful girl and is so special to me. And her fiance is a really good guy. The road trip will be an epic adventure, I'm sure. But it will be wonderful to have the whole family together. For a happy, joyous occasion.


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