ten things tuesday / day 26

Once again, combining the prompt of the March Challenge with my Ten Things Tuesday for the week: what's your favorite food?

1) Reese's peanut butter cups.

2) Salad. I like that salad is never the same, different greens, different extra veggies, different dressings.

3) Poultry. I enjoy turkey and chicken if it's off the bone. Bone-in makes nervous.

4) Rice. Plain, stir-fried, baked, I like it.

5) Potatoes. My favorite food. So versatile. They can be a main meal or a side dish. I especially love a baked potato with salsa. YUM!

6) Bread. Any kind of bread or roll or biscuit. Bread is my crack.

7) Soup. I like all types of soup. Again, it can be made with any base and any veggies, meatless, meaty.

8) Pizza. Love how versatile it is, too. Again, any combo can be made.

9) Pineapple. Nothing makes me happier than juicy, fresh pineapple.

10) Pomegranate. My favorite fruit. Unfortunately, it's seasonal. And the season is too short.


Paula said...

Oh my pineapple! While visiting in the tropics I could not ever get enough pineapple. I adore this also

Cristy S said...

Bone in chicken freaks me out. I love potatoes. I also eat mine with salsa. I started doing it about 10 years ago and people looked at me strange, now you can order it off the menu. I love it. I eat potatoes (usually baked) with pretty much every meal.

The Gal Herself said...

I've newly discovered soup. I mean, I've eaten it my whole life, but I'm starting to view it differently and appreciate it more. I've gotten more adventurous, too. I like bisque.

Lisa G said...

I could eat a bowl of buttered, salted rice all by itself--yum!

Laura said...

As a born and bred Idaho girl, you had me at potatoes.