ten things tuesday / day 19

Once again, combining the prompt of the March Challenge with my Ten Things Tuesday for the week: Five blogs I read on a regular basis and why.

1) Airy Persiflage. I visit daily, although I don't always comment. Bev has a variety of interests that keep me interested.

2) Alison's Book Marks. Undoubtedly my favorite reviewer. If she likes it, I'll like it. We've never disagreed about books.

3) Diana's Little Corner in the Nutmeg State. When I was adviser of the Civil Rights Team at school, I came across Diana's blog and use her as a resource for Trans information, acceptance, and statistics. We've become blog friends along the way.

4) Endomental. I think we ran across each others' blogs through memes. But I've been reading her and following her for so long, she's part of my daily read. Her regular feature of Feel The Force Friday is always good for a chuckle.

5) Boss Nurse Speaks. Mrs. Chili and memes introduced us. I've been following her journey for years. And now that we're both participating in the March Madness challenge, I'm getting to know a different side of her.

6) One Gal's Musings. The Gal's blog is what I wish I could say on a variety of topics. We enjoy movies, books, music, and each of us has our celebrity love affair. I aspire to be the friend she is to her friends. And she takes the best vacations!

7) Sweet Memes. Cat has the best memes! I felt an instant rapport with her.

8) The Blue Door. Ah, Mrs. Chili. My most passionate and articulate blog friend. We'll meet in person one day!

9) The Bud Blog. Bud's not posting as regularly he once did, but because he was the host with the most, I understand getting burned out. Bud's is one of the best blog buds out there!

10) Teaching High School Psychology. Because it's not all fun and games, here's the academic blog I most often frequent. Links, ideas, inspiration, and resources for being an engaging high school psychology teacher.


Paula said...

A very varied list for sure. We share Boss Nurse!

Janet said...

going to check them out :-)

Mrs. Chili said...

I would like very much to meet you, too!!

Diana_CT said...

Thank you and I share Mrs Chili sentiments also.

Lisa G said...

Awww, I'm shared :) Kwizzie, thanks for the sweet shout out. {{{{hugs}}}

The Gal Herself said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm grateful for the kind words and honored to be in such great company.

Me. Myself said...

Ah, you're sweet!
And now I'm off to check the blogs I don't recognize, and preen in the joy of being included with the ones I do ;-)