ten things tuesday / day 12

Combining the prompt of the March Challenge with my Ten Things Tuesday for the week: Things I miss.

1) I miss being able to stay up all night. Or even stay up late. My ability to pull all-nighters ended when I turned thirty. I still miss it.

2) I miss my sisters and their families. I wish we were all closer together, although the magic of F*cebook, I am able to chat with them and interact with them daily. But it's not the same.

3) I miss having single friends with no kids. Not that I dislike my friends' kids, it's just that the spontaneity is influenced. Most of my friends can't make last-minute plans and do things on a whim.

4) I miss having a gay husband. Nothing like having a truly platonic male friend who can do stuff with me.

5) I miss the butterflies of dating.

6) I miss traveling to Europe. I haven't gone abroad since the 90s. On the horizon is a trip with my Virginia sister, she wants to go back to Italy with me as her travel companion!

7) I miss my department chair. He was also my work husband. We are friends but we don't get as much opportunity for conversations and creative collaboration. But I am pleased with my current department chair, so it's more about the person than the position.

8) I miss cooking and baking. I don't bother since it's just for me. Also, because my OCD kicks in, it makes it hard and time consuming to wash everything before I use it and immediately after I use it.

9) I miss my favorite TV shows, even though I watch reruns as often as possible. Seinfeld, Friends, and others. It was fun to look forward to certain days for the good TV. Now, I DVR everything and rarely watch when it's actually on.

10) I miss good weather. We have recorded 8 consecutive days without sun. It is warmer out and the snow is melting! But I'm so over winter. I want this melty season to last one or two days instead of one or two months.


**** April **** said...

Seinfeld really WAS the best show wasn't it?

I didn't have a gay husband, but I had a gay co-worker and yo'ure right... it's like the best of both worlds. We used dto make bets on who took longer to get ready.

And you're RIGHT about single friends with kids... kids are annoying. Trust me. I have three....

katie eggeman said...

Today promises to be a lovely sunshiney day, I getting out of my chair.

Paula said...

I enjoyed your list of 'misses'. Hope the weather gets better as good weather will make us all feel better. The sun is finally shining here in Kansas today!

Laura said...

I totally understand the single friend thing. My best friend has an eight year old daughter, and I love the days she spends with her dad because that means I get her mom all to myself. And I can swear as much as I want.

The Gal Herself said...

The sun is out today and it really has lifted my spirits. I can't get over how long ago Friends was. Every now and again I catch a rerun on WGN and I'm surprised by how BIG the phones were! Work husband ... gay husband ... I hear ya.

Lisa G said...

Thank goodness for New Mexico--320 sunny days a year. Unlike VA and FL, where it rained every day, all summer long.