friday fill-ins

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1. The wind blew wildly and the trees moaned.

2. Fresh pajamas and my cuddly blanket made me feel warm and happy all over.

3. The smell of coffee makes me think of being motivated.

4. When I am feeling lazy I put on lounge-y clothes.

5. Brilliant beige is my favorite color.

6. The door creaked and a late student came in.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to unwinding from a mind crushing workshop day, tomorrow my plans include Breakfast Club and a mani and Sunday, I want to get my laundry and errands done!

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Diana_CT said...

Don't you just love late arrivals?

I had a few during my workshop today. I had eight attendees who were either school counselor or school social works and on the workshop evaluation they all rated me excellent except one who rated me very good.