finally finished reading...

My APUSH students are reading C&P in their honors English class and I said I would read along. Or listen along, as I listened to the audio book. What I liked was getting lost in the descriptive passages. I admit I had a bit of difficulty keeping track of characters. There are so many.

Basically the book is the story of Raskolnikov--wrestling with life's major questions, the book manages not to get too caught up in his mind. Because other characters interact with Raskolnikov while he's grappling with what he's done. And Raskolnikov doesn't make it easy to like him; although if we were to know him before the book begins, I suspect he was not only handsome but charming and intense, and then he spirals down in despair, hunger, and poverty. Sometimes it was difficult to follow Raskolnikov's rants and ravings but other than that the book moved right along.

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