day 8

Biggest pet peeve. Biggest pet peeve? Wowza, I don't know what my biggest pet peeve is. I have a lot of little pet peeves instead of one giant pet peeve.

At school: it bugs me when students ask (on a daily basis): "What are we doing today?" And another pet peeve is when I have to repeat myself because students weren't paying attention. And I can tell the difference between not listening and not comprehending.

At home: it bugs me when someone parks in my parking spot. It doesn't happen often now, thankfully.

Anywhere: it bugs me when people are on their cell phones yapping away so I can hear every juicy detail.

Online: it bugs me when promo codes don't work. And spam bugs me.

Health peeves: it bugs me when my sleep is interrupted for several nights in a row. And it bugs me when people tell me their related health stories--like when I got my wisdom teeth out and everyone had a story.

OCD peeves: it bugs me when people think OCD is just the "nutty hand washing," when in fact it is a lot more.


Lisa G said...

I hate it when my staff doesn't pay attention, and then complains that we have "poor communication"!

The Liebers said...

My pet peeves? People who shuffle their feet when they walk. PICK UP YOUR FEET!!
I also get really irritated with passive-aggressive behavior. Just say what you mean instead of playing games!!