day 23

Do you have a hobby? A year ago I timidly went to my first knitting group and embarked on a hobby. It served the purpose of forcing me out of the house, forcing me to socialize, forcing me to try something new, and forcing me to let go of my perfectionism. I've been successful at all of it.

I had tried knitting before, but was half-hearted about it. Then I read a couple books that were knitting themed and they got me interested in knitting. At the same time, I saw a F*cebook post about a knitting group that meets weekly, so I asked if the group was open to anyone. The last step was picking up some needles and yarn to begin. And the love affair began. I signed up for the class, attended the group regularly, and a whole new world opened up for me.

So, I have a hobby!


Paula said...

My mom was a knitter She loved it too

benbidder said...

I would love to know how to knit! There are so many lovely things to make! :)

Lisa G said...

My mom and my grandmother tried to teach me to both crochet and knit. I was an utter failure at both :)