day 16

I've been thinking about how to answer today's prompt: What's your biggest accomplishment? I think I would have a different answer every day. Maybe every hour, even. My biggest accomplishment is breaking out of my comfort zone. Stepping through my fear to try new things. Accepting professional challenges. Being open to the possibilities. Because I've had some neat things happen in the past few years, as a result of opening myself up more. And little things that used to sound like they'd be fun but I'd never do them are now routine fun. Like a road trip by myself to visit my sisters in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Like attending institutes for Advanced Placement classes and teaching those classes.

And why I choose this as my biggest accomplishment now is because I just made hotel reservations for a whirlwind trip I'll be taking in May to my eldest niece's wedding in Pennsylvania. A few years ago I would have had a million reasons why I couldn't go, but the big reason would have been fear (although I never would have acknowledged it). And now I can turn the fear into butterflies and excitement which will propel me into having a whirlwind trip!

Thinking back to other happenings this past week--I was watching a History Channel video about the Mexican-American War and decided to email one of the historians to see if he would Skype with my students. After going back and forth for a few days, we've set a date and time! Fear would have held me back from trying that, before. And not that I didn't wonder if I was losing my marbles when I sent the email, because I dithered about it.

Friday was my first Knitaversary! One year ago I picked up needles and yarn. It's been quite a creative year for me. Lots of learning! I remember how nervous I was when I went in to the local yarn store to find out about it. And now it's a home away from home!

Therapy is a good thing.


Laura said...

Congratulations on all your accomplishments! Are you afraid of flying?

Cristy S said...

Good job putting yourself out there. Sounds like you have had many wonderful opportunities and memories for stepping through your fears. Can't wait to hear about your whirlwind trip to PA.

Paula said...

I am so proud of you to be doing these things. A trip all alone sounds daunting to me also. Maybe someday!