day 1


Five random facts:
  1. I was eight years old before I learned how to ride a bicycle.  I'm not sure why I was so old but even at that age I had to be convinced to try.
  2. During college, one of my part-time jobs was at a local dairy's ice cream shop.  On rainy days it was traditional to try to create the grossest combinations.
  3. I didn't own my own car until I was in my early thirties.
  4. I can drive a manual car, although I prefer automatic, I think learning to drive standard is an important skill to have.
  5. When I do not perform my rituals (like tapping three times) I feel very anxious.


Me. Myself said...

I didn't get my first bike till I was 12. Taught myself to ride by pushing along the sidewalk next to my dad's car. :-)

And I agree: everyone should know how to drive with a gearshift.

Lisa G said...

I learned to drive with a "3 on the tree" gearshift on an old Dodge pickup. Stood me well all these years, even though I drive an automatic these days.