ten things tuesday

I'm obsessed with television.  And I think I always have been.  Here are ten shows I have seen every episode:

1)  Friends.  I wish I could hang out in Central Perk and observe the goings on.

2)  M*A*S*H.  I still watch this when I catch it.  Some episodes left indelible prints on me.  I loved their laughter and compassion while the world was crashing down around them.

3)  Seinfeld.  It made me realize my life full of nothing is really full of something.

4)  The Waltons.  I wanted to go there.  I wanted to spend time with the family who loved each other regardless of what hardships they faced.

5)  Little House On The Prairie.  I loved reading the books and sharing the adventure.  I always knew I would never last as a pioneer.

6)  The Brady Bunch.  Oh, how I wanted a housekeeper like Alice.  She was the glue that held the bunch together, I always thought.

7)  Boston Legal.  The bromance between James Spader and William Shatner was believable and they had amazing chemistry.

8)  The Practice.  The best cast.

9)  Cheers.  I always fancied myself a Norm-like character but I suspect I'm more Cliff Claven. 

10)  The Monkees.  I remember watching this on Saturday mornings, after cartoons.  Talk about shenanigans!  Hijinx! 


Janet said...

I never cared for the Waltons when it was on primetime...but Dave always loved the show and got me to watch it with him (the reruns) and OH! I so love it now!

Lisa G said...

I've seen every episode of M*A*S*H, I think the operating room scenes are what inspired me to become a nurse....I loved that Margaret Houlihan could be amazing, smart, and sexy, too. Great list!

The Gal Herself said...

First of all, how can I not love a post that includes the words, "hijinx" and "shenanigans?" And, like you, I always found Alice the most interesting Brady character. When I was a little girl, I thought she was kinda sad ... living in that little room off the side, always wearing that same blue dress.