ten things tuesday

Today is my Virginia sister's birthday! Here are ten things about her:

1) Today, she is 49 years old. I just can't believe we're old.

2) She is amazingly talented--a singer and actress.

3) We've always been close. The only time we had any friction was when she graduated from high school and did not head off to college in the fall semester so she was hanging around my friends a lot. I don't know why it drove me so crazy but it did.

4) My sister and I shared a bedroom until we were both in high school.

5) Unlike me, she has never had a wide circle of friends. Not that she's a loner, she just has a few really close friends whereas I have a broad circle of acquaintances and friends.

6) She works as the parish Liturgy Director for her local diocese.

7) She makes fantastic whoopie pies! Other things, too, but her whoopie pies are the best!

8) We would like to travel to Italy together in a few years--my first time and she will be the tour guide. She adored living in Italy and took advantage of opportunities to visit the whole country.

9) When we were younger, if she and my eldest sister were trying to torture me they would reveal the end of the book I was reading to me and spoil it. As a major mystery fan, it was super annoying.

10) She never got the hang of babysitting. A lot of times I would have to go with her when she babysat because she would get flustered if the baby or child cried. I was amazed she had children of her own. Of all of us girls, she was the least likely to be a mom. But she is amazing as a mom and wife.

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The Gal Herself said...

It was neat to watch her grow up before my eyes! What a loving birthday post.