fairy tale meme

As seen at Janbalaya's

Snow White: Do you consider yourself pretty? Name the part of your body you think is the most beautiful! I think I have great lips

Cinderella: What is your shoe size? 10

Sleeping Beauty: How many hours do you sleep each night? I try to get 8 hours or more

Little Red Riding Hood: What is your favorite food? mashed potatoes

The Frog Prince: What do you find disgusting? dishonesty

Jack and the Beanstalk: What plants are in your room? none... I have the black thumb of death

Puss in Boots: Do you have a pet? Do you want one? I would love to have a cuddly dog

Rumpelstiltskin: What is the meaning of your url? it's phonetic

The Little Mermaid: Can you sing? yes but I don't like performing so I don't sing often anymore

Pinocchio: What is your greatest wish? that the clutter would magically take care of itself

Peter Pan: What is your (mental) age? in my early 30s

The Star Money: What is your most prized possession? probably my car


Unknown said...

I think that's one of my secret wishes, too. That little fairies would come and clean the place spotless while I'm sleeping.

Cat. said...


I totally read your answer to your URL as "pathetic" and was all prepared to argue with you.