ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) I just ate a Dove chocolate and the wrapper message says: The best things in life are chocolate.

2) It's mid-year exam week. Today is the first day. Funny how the kids chitty-chatted away their study period and then got nervous when I was passing it out. They'll be fine.

3) I kind of wasted my knitting class last night. Instead of working on a project that I need help with, I worked on a hat. But I wanted an easy knit. And this roll-brim chemo hat fit the bill.

4) Right now the painters are in my apartment. I wish I had words to describe how uncomfortable it makes me. They are very nice. But that's not the issue.

5) I'm going to whine about the weather. It's twenty below. As in twenty below zero. Minus twenty degrees. It's going to be colder tomorrow, they're calling for forty below. Why do I live in Maine?

6) I just realized I did not photocopy the exam I'm giving this afternoon. There goes lunch.

7) I feel like my love of Downton Abbey puts me in a selective club or something. Those of us who are fans are fanatical fans. I re-watched Season One on NetFlix and then downloaded Season Two on iTunes. And I'm recording Season Three. So much goodness.

8) This is frivolous but I'm actually enjoying my purple manicure. The color is way outside of my comfort zone but I'm getting used to it. I'm getting a manicure Saturday and am looking forward to choosing another color--going to try staying out of my comfort zone.

9) Yesterday while the painters were working on the entry way, I went out to get one of my headlights replaced--thankfully VIP could fit me in, then I went to the new coffee shop to hang out and read for about an hour. It was comfortable. But I wished I had had my knitting with me. I did finish a hat.

10) I should explain that I am on a hat kick because my knitting group was asked to make hats for Planet Head Day, which is a fund raiser for a local cancer charity group where people pledge to shave their heads for donations. After the head is shaved, artists paint it as a planet. Or, if you want to make a donation without shaving your head, you can get a skull cap painted like a planet. I'm excited to whip up some hats.


Karin said...

What a great cause! I'd have to get a skull cap. There's no way I could shave my head.

The Gal Herself said...

I have missed two consecutive weeks of Downton Abbey -- one for the Golden Globes and one because I was on the phone with a friend. Now I have to catch up! That's the great thing about PBS and OnDemand -- I should have no trouble finding those "lost episodes."

Lisa G said...

Love me some Downton!