saturday 9

Stormy Weather

1) Do noisy storms scare you? sometimes, it depends on the time of day

2) Mother Winters tells us Lena Horne was considered one of the great beauties of the 1940s. Whom do you consider one of today's most beautiful women? Catherine Zeta-Jones came to mind: I could not take my eyes off her in the film Chicago

3) Crazy Sam admits it -- there's a big bag of recycling she really should take out to the bin. Yet she's composing this meme. What should you be doing, instead of answering her questions? I have two full trash bags that need to be taken out. And I should really be doing my laundry.

4) Sam may be crazy, but she's not stupid and will never waste her money on Cialis, no matter how many unsolicited emails she receives! What's the most recent addition to your spam folder? I keep getting spammed by LinkedIn

5) What was the last thing you cooked? I baked a pot pie last night for supper but I didn't make it

6) Do you remember the lyrics to your either your high school or college fight song? If so, please share a bit. "To thee Presque Isle, Our school worthwhile, Glory and honor Ere be thine, Everyone stand, Give it a hand, Our school will always shine!" that's all I remember...

7) "Samantha" is the feminine of "Samuel" and means "Listener." What's the derivation of your first name? my name means "Noble" in both its Gaelic and German derivations

8) Are you following the NBA or NHL this year? If so, which team are you rooting for? definitely not the NBA, but I'd like to see the Bruins have success

9) Gloves, umbrellas, sunglasses, keys -- which of these do you misplace most often? uhm, umbrella by default


katie eggeman said...

It does depend on the storm. Ordinary rain storm ok...tornados not so ok.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Oh that's true about the storms...we don't have tornadoes or hurricanes here so that wasn't even in my mind set. Those would be scary.
It's been awhile for the Bruins.

Lisa G said...

I get spammed by that fake LinkedIn spam too--just don't open it, it's a phishing scheme! Have a great day :)

**** April **** said...

Pot pie...mmmm..... I don't buy them anymore... they're SO easy to make! And my kids are spoiled now! (grrrrr)

The Gal Herself said...

"Everyone stand. Give it a hand." I can just imagine everyone in the stands rising to their feet.

Diana_CT said...

I loved Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago so much that I went out and bought the DVD

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I keep getting emails asking me to send them our pics. while I explain that that by you all pics are surreal. I mean the WTIT Photo blog covers it all. Keep on truckin'