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This is January's reading group selection. And I can't say I liked it, although I appreciated how well-written it is. Mostly, though, I didn't connect with the author and I was rather indifferent to her story. I wanted to (but didn't) skip the sections where the author revisits her childhood. It's bleak. And I wanted something to happen.

From the publisher:
THE ORCHARD is the story of a street-smart city girl who must adapt to a new life on an apple farm after she falls in love with Adrian Curtis, the golden boy of a prominent local family whose lives and orchards seem to be cursed. Married after only three months, young Theresa finds life with Adrian on the farm far more difficult and dangerous than she expected. Rejected by her husband's family as an outsider, she slowly learns for herself about the isolated world of farming, pesticides, environmental destruction, and death, even as she falls more deeply in love with her husband, a man she at first hardly knew and the land that has been in his family for generations. She becomes a reluctant player in their attempt to keep the codling moth from destroying the orchard, but she and Adrian eventually come to know that their efforts will not only fail but will ultimately take an irreparable toll.

So... final verdict, I didn't care for this book. I don't have a clue what we'll discuss.


The Gal Herself said...

Don't you hate it when a book just doesn't grab you? Especially when it's one you want to like. It's such an organic, personal thing -- our relationship with each book.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Karin said...

Added to my list!