desserts spelled backward...

I'm really on stress overload. One of my best friends lost a sibling due to a car accident and it's really shocking, sudden, and sad. I feel so awkward because I don't know what to do or say other than calling her every day to let her talk and letting her know I'm here for whatever she needs--and I know she'll need some distraction.

I'm also stressed because I'm trying to get mid-term exams and final exams ready for my classes. I think I have exams finished, and answer sheets. But no study guides! Oy heavens. I'm so wound up about it. And I had my observation today--completely unscheduled and I felt unprepared, even though it was a fine evaluation.

I'm also stressed because another friend of mine called me to ask me some questions about a situation at the neighboring school. A student has become "friends" with a teacher and the teacher and her boyfriend went on a weekend trip with the student. As in, they all stayed in a hotel. I don't know, this just doesn't sit well with me. It's icky and wrong. So, I'm going to look into what steps my friend can take to let the school know.

I'm stressed because I have a major busy day tomorrow and I'm going to have to rush around from school to meetings to knit night. I hate days like that.

And, lastly, I'm feeling really stressed because my landlord called me this evening to say that painters are coming in tomorrow to work on my ceiling--where it had been water damaged by the roof leak. Have I mentioned I'm a clutterer? Have I mentioned I hate having people in my home? Yet, I'm composing a blog post instead of shuffling the shit around.

I am feeling frazzled.


Unknown said...

Oh my! So much all at once! I hope things settle down soon.

My condolences to your friend.

Diana_CT said...

You sound like me.

Just the thought of them working freaks me out. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels like that.

My house is a mess and when the water heater went I hated having them come in to the even though it was only the basement.

Alethea said...

"Icky and wrong" about the student/teacher "friend" situation is right. Sorry you've had to get involved and more sorry for your friend.

Hang in there, sista'! Hopefully, you can crash this weekend.

Karin said...

"Icky and wrong" is about right. I hope the rest of your week and the upcoming long weekend give you a bit of recovery time!

Janet said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend's sibling...you are being a great friend!