ten things tuesday...

Ten things about today:


2. I had a marvelous day!

3. I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning. Both Dad & Barb gobbled them up, which made me happy.

4. I went to Dad's at about 9:30, thinking that was a reasonable time. They weren't up! So, I came home and knit for about an hour then went back over.

5. Christmas makes me so happy.

6. Everyone loved their presents, that was a lot of fun. My nieces & nephew especially enjoy opening up their bottomless bags of goodies. And their yearly ornaments.

7. I'm going to be staying with Maggie for the next week. Dad & Barb are headed to Kansas City to visit with Barb's brother--they tried going two years ago but got stormed out. So we're all crossing our fingers for them this time.

8. I miss my sisters and their families. A lot.

9. It's not about the gifts, but I got a lot of thoughtful gifts.

10. Dad kept saying he's disappointed he didn't get a knitted gift. I might have to figure out something for him.


The Gal Herself said...

It sounds like a very Merry Christmas. I guess your Dad was jealous of Maggie's knitted gift and now wants one of his own.

Janet said...

Glad it was a good day :-) Mine, too!