ten things tuesday...

Ten things about today:

1) The students are restless. We are expecting a huge snowstorm and they are anticipating having tomorrow off. And they're all being very immature about it.

2) The seniors are annoying me today. Well, some of them are. Some of the boys are just too rambunctious and loud. They won't tone it down. And they're just being sassy to be sassy.

3) Being at home in my pajamas knitting and watching Christmas movies would be more fun than what I'm doing right now. Soon... soon...

4) I need to wrap up my gifts for my away sisters so I can mail them.

5) I need to wrap up all my other gifts, too.

6) And, I need to finish up my shopping. I'm almost finished.

7) My jaw is sore today. I am fearful that my teeth are moving. I would be so sad if they get all askew.

8) One of my colleagues is on his cell phone all the time. As in all the time. Students aren't allowed to use their cell phones, he should not be able to be, either.

9) There is much medical drama around me--one of my students is hospitalized for unknown causes, one is going to have a pacemaker placed this week, the school secretary is having blood pressure issues.

10) I shared this with my APUSH class this morning. We'd been working so diligently, we needed a break.

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