ten things tuesday...

Ten random things:

1) I was going to do something holiday-themed but realized I've got some randomness rattling around.

2) There's no way I'm going to have the book group book (The Princess Bride) read for Friday. I don't know how the date snuck up on me. Yikes! I haven't touched it since last weekend!

3) I've been knitting up a storm! Getting some funky things knit for Christmas gifts. I'll have to post finished object photos after the holidays.

4) I was invited to join Delta Kappa Gamma! I can't believe I haven't blathered on about how excited I am! It's a society/sorority for educators. I went to a "bring a guest" dinner last week and really enjoyed myself. I knew so many women there, it was like old home week. The teacher I student taught under was there, even.

5) The big knitting project I've been working on for my sister (she's knitting one, also, to give to her son's girlfriend) is not going to be finished for Christmas. Good thing I got her another gift. I suppose I could wrap up photos of the poncho, but... well, I got her something else.

6) I've got to get my packages in the mail this weekend!!!! Yowza. I realize Christmas is always December 25, but somehow it escaped me that there are just a couple weeks. Packages must be wrapped and sent!

7) Because we had a half-day of school yesterday, due to snow, sleet, and freezing rain which was icing, my knitting class got rescheduled for Wednesday night. I will be finished the project I'm working on and will have to dream up something else to knit up. Something that requires help! Maybe I'll work on my "Bella's Mittens", those are for me!

8) One of my students is sniffling and I think I'm going to come unglued.

9) I love Santa! I love Christmas music! I was listening to Rod Stewart's new Christmas album and enjoyed it. Good party music.

10) I'm having another manicure this afternoon. My Gel manicure has not faded or chipped in three weeks. But you can see my nail bed, where my nails have grown out. I love the color. I might use it again, unless there's something snazzy for the holidays.

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The Gal Herself said...

Congratulations on your invitation to join the sorority. And I imagine you can devour The Princess Bride in big greedy gulps. It's imaginative and charmingly written, but it's certainly easily accessible. Perfect for enjoying in that new green recliner!