ten things tuesday

I'm going to use today's Plinky as my Ten Things Tuesday prompt:

Choose and write about 10 possessions that sum up who you are.

1) The computer. How would I write this without a computer? What would we do without Google? It's the mainstay of my communication these days. I chat with my high school age nieces, I message my sisters, I email my friends... really, I would be lost without the computer.

2) Myles, the Nook. I am a reader. A voracious reader. A lover of the written word.

3) My car. It has granted my independence and adventure.

4) My wardrobe (clothes, shoes, and accessories). I have a great wardrobe, if I say so myself. I invest in quality pieces so they last. My style is classic and timeless, yet stylish.

5) Knitting needles and yarn. My new hobby has really enhanced everything about my life. It has opened me up to a creative outlet, it is socialization, and it gives me great satisfaction and accomplishment.

6) Signs and posters around my classroom. These are statements that I want to share with my students. Thoughts, quotations, and inspirations.

7) The microwave. This is the unsung hero of my kitchen. Used daily. Some days multiple times.

8) Apple toys. Myrna the iPad and my as-yet-unnamed iPod. I listen to music and books.

9) The comfy chair. Really, need I say more?

10) My camera. I'm trying to use my camera more often, which is why I joined the December Photo Challenge.

I've gotta say this was much harder than I expected it to be.


Unknown said...

So many things! I confess this would be a hard list for me, too, but you rose to the challenge and we learned more about you.

The Gal Herself said...

I like the way you wrote about your car. Because when I wish I had a car (which is seldom -- insurance and parking and depreciation and gas and oil ... seems way more expensive than it's worth) it's for the romance of the weekend road trip. I also fantasize about going to Union Station without knowing in advance where I'm going. Just spend $50 on a ticket and see where it takes me ... Maybe after I retire, I'll do it.