saturday 9

Happy Holidays

1. As you can see, Sam loved giving her annual wish list to Santa. Yet some children are reluctant to climb into Jolly Old St. Nick's lap. Did you enjoy the tradition or were you shy? Or did you by pass it altogether -- either because you wrote him a letter or because your family didn't celebrate Christmas? Santa would visit our house on Christmas Eve! I don't remember writing letters, but I suspect we did.

2. Are you currently on the Naughty or Nice list? How did you get there? I probably am on the Naughty list because I am so slow in getting everything ready this year.

3. Did you ship any gifts to friends and family this year? If so, which one traveled the farthest? oh boy, salt to the wound! I need to ship stuff to my Virginia sister and her family and my Pennsylvania sister and her family... and I haven't done it yet

4. Did you buy yourself a gift this year? why yes, I did--I bought myself a recliner

5. What's your favorite holiday-themed movie? Elf

6. Thinking of movies, Christmas is lucrative for Hollywood. Have you ever gone to a movie theater on Christmas Day? for many years it was a tradition!

7. Have you ever suffered an embarrassing moment at the company Christmas party? no, but I've surely witnessed enough of them... besides, we don't have a company Christmas party at school

8. What's your favorite beverage in cold weather? I enjoy iced coffee all year round

9. What will you remember most about 2012? falling in love with knitting!


katie eggeman said...

I always looked at my late mailings of Christmas gifts as prolonging the holidays.

The Gal Herself said...

That is a great chair. Santa visited my oldest friend on Christmas Eve, too. She just lived across the alley, and when we compared notes about our Christmases and realized this, it perplexed us. Logistically, why would he do that? You know, hit the same neighborhood twice. Not very efficient Santa. When confronted, our parents' stories didn't match -- my mom said it was because Santa was magic and could do anything, her dad said it was because Santa knew they needed to hit the road early Christmas morning and wanted her to have plenty of time with her gifts before they left. VERY unsatisfying, and went a long way toward our figuring out the truth.

Diana_CT said...

I just send out my Christmas card yesterday. I'm way late this year because normally them out the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

That looks like a great knitting chair! I'm impressed about your 2012 skill. Love Elf too!

I am Harriet said...

That;s why I love e-giftcards- nothing to ship :)

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Lisa G said...

Love the chair! We just unloaded the couch today (it has recliners in both ends) and I have never been SO happy to kick back in my recliner, evah! Merry Christmas!

Tina said...

I flubbed my mailing away this year. Hopefully the box will arrive at my best friend's house tomorrow, but one of her gifts arrived at my house yesterday. Oops!