thanksgiving meme 2

1. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What are you doing this year? yes, I celebrate Thanksgiving. This year instead of fussing over a big meal for just the three of us we decided to order out and bring it home--that way we don't have to deal with a noisy restaurant (since the only restaurant open is famously noisy).

2. What is your favorite holiday meal? What about dessert? I am traditional about my meals, although it really doesn't matter to me. I'm not passive-aggressive about it.

3. Do you gain weight over the holiday season? Do you go on a diet in the new year? not so you'd notice and no

4. Are you going shopping on "Black Friday"? Are you willing to stand in long lines for great sales? I might do a bit of online shopping but I don't see myself battling long lines for anything I might be getting

5. What/who are you thankful for? I wrote a whole post about it.

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Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Hope it all went well!!