ten things tuesday...

Ten things:

1) My teeth still sorta hurt. Or, where the teeth used to be sorta hurts.

2) I worked non-stop all day today. I just never felt caught up, still don't feel caught up.

3) Somehow or other, I did not catch up on all my tv shows from last week. What the heck was I doing that I was too busy for tv?

4) I had a really good therapy session after school today. I'm going 8 weeks between sessions now. I've worked so hard in the past couple of years.

5) After therapy, I stopped at the Studio Cafe to pick up some broccoli cheddar soup. YUM!

6) I was thrilled to put on my new pjs when I got home.

7) I started reading a book on the recommendation of a friend and I don't like it. What to do? Finish or ditch?

8) I think I'm ready to plug in my fiber optic tree. Maybe it's early, but, it's time.

9) I've got to completely reorganize my yarn stash to put the recliner here when it arrives.

10) I love this:

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Mrs. Chili said...

If you're not loving the book, ditch it. Life is short.