So, the election is over. I'm very pleased with the outcome. Presidential and local elections and issues actually fell how I voted. I'm particularly glad that Maine is in favor of same-sex marriage. Love is love is love.

In other news, Hamlet was performed at school today and it took my two senior classes. I managed to get a lot of work done during that time. But I did miss my Advanced Placement Psych group. I have so much fun with them.

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Augusta after school for the annual state social studies conference. Last year was a fun trip with a blah workshop. I don't want to go. I have to miss my knit night. And we're supposed to have crap weather. I'm afraid it will be an uncomfortable ride. We'll see. Maybe I'll be delightfully surprised.

I've got my Nook, I've got my knitting. If it really sucks, I can sit in the car and entertain myself.


Vicki said...

Hope your trip to Augusta is better than you think it will be and that the weather is ok.

Unknown said...

First, big ol' LIKE button for the graphic.

Second, I hope your workshop turns out better than last year.