squeaky clean

I had a very dental day. This morning was a thorough cleaning, including the buffing part which I really hate. Then this afternoon was the consultation with the oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth extraction. The minute the doctor entered the room, my hands started shaking. I hate being so stressed out about nothing. I know, logically, that nothing out of the ordinary is going to happen. The dentists and hygienists are not going to kill me.

I know. I know. I know. I just can't help freaking out.

When I got the estimate I almost backed out. Over $1,600. Holy moly. So, I signed up for CareCredit Healthcare since I don't have dental insurance. I'm so thankful I got approved!

What a day.


Diana_CT said...

I hated getting a crown, it hurt like hell even with the Novocaine. I dread getting it done and have been putting it off. But I really should get another crown and I should get it before next October when I lose my dental insurance otherwise it is $1800.

The Gal Herself said...

You will feel better over the long term for having done this. You will. Skimping on dental care leads to headaches and infections and all other matter of suckitude. The discomfort you feel at the dentist is nothing like what you're saving yourself.

All that said, I'm proud of you. I'm flying this weekend and I'm already starting to freak out about it. So I understand about the fear and freaking out thing. I do. And I understand how hard this must have been for you. Brava!

Unknown said...

You were very brave to overcome your fears and just sit there in the chair. You were scared, but you made it!