saturday 9

Live And Let Die

1) "Live and Let Die" was nominated for an Oscar as best song. Do you have a favorite movie song? Change The World from the Phenomenon

2) The latest Bond movie, Skyfall, is crazy successful. Have you seen it/do you want to see it? I do want to see it but I will probably wait for DVD

3) What do you think makes Bond movies so enduringly popular? it's fantasy--and Bond is smoooooooth

4) Do you have a favorite among the actors who have played "Bond, James Bond?" Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, and I really do like Daniel Craig

5) Bond orders martinis -- "shaken, not stirred." What's your regular drink order? water with lemon

6) Moving from the bar to breakfast -- do you have a favorite cereal? I like bite-size frosted mini-wheats and original or peanut butter Puffins

7) Let's daydream about warm weather. Would you rather swim in a lake, the ocean, or an outdoor pool? well, I'm not much of a swimmer, I'm more of a toe dipper, so any of them are good as long as the water isn't too cold

8) Did you get 8 hours' sleep last night? no but I will probably nap

9) What are you wearing on your feet right now? they are naked!


Jocelyn said...

haha I'm a toe dipper too! lol

Diana_CT said...

I'm a water baby.
I just don't understand why my brother and sister-in-law never go in the lake. I haven't seen in the lake once.

I am Harriet said...

I drink sparking water with lemon on a daily basis. Have a great rest of your Saturday!

katie eggeman said...

Have a great weekend and TGiving.

Unknown said...

Love me some mini-wheats! I swiped this.