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• Do you read the ending before you start a book? Do you ever skip ahead to read the ending?

I've never read the ending first or skipped ahead to the ending. I don't like spoilers. That goes for books, movies--anything! I want to experience the story for myself. And maybe it's because I read a lot of mysteries--I don't want to know who the guilty party is!

When I was a younger, my sisters would tease me by telling me the ending of stories or books I was reading. I thought it was torture!


CMash said...

I'm with you on this one!! I can't ever remember reading the ending. I think it defeats the purpose of reading for enjoyment and entertainment. Thank you for stopping by.

Gigi Ann said...

There is one reason why I go to the ending, once in awhile. However, I always check to see how many pages are in the book, but I never read the ending in doing so. Oh! My! What 'naughty' sisters.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, it's mean how others sometimes take the joy from us by telling the ending.

There's even a commercial that features that experience: for Swiffer. The woman grabs a book to enjoy, since she finished dusting so quickly; then her daughter comes in and spoils it by saying something about the ending.


JC Jones said...

I agree, your sisters were being cruel. Thanks for visiting.