friday fill-ins

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1. If you want confusion, start here.

2. Inside I'm singing la la la

3. I have to ask you if you've had your wisdom teeth out.

4. Eschew vices; cultivate good habits.

5. I didn't have time to bake for book group this afternoon.

6. Shopping is something I love beyond all reason.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to book group, tomorrow my plans include The Breakfast Club and a lunch out with other friends and Sunday, I want to get ready for my oral surgery!


Diana_CT said...

I wish I loved shopping. I like it as much as you like having your wisdom teeth pulled.

And yes, I had my wisdom teeth pulled back when I was in my 20s.

Janet said...

I did have my wisdom teeth out, back in the 1980s...I remember having some type of breathable stuff that put me in a twilight type of sleep, but I remember being able to see out this big window...or did I dream it? LOL! Hey...I made some changes to the Fill-Ins...this is the blurb I'm leaving for folks.

Thanks for participating in the Friday Fill-Ins :-) I've changed how it's to be played a bit, because it seems spammers are using the Fill-Ins to attract people to their blogs and try to sell products. From now on, I will personally be checking each blog to make sure the Fill-In post is at the top! If it's not, the person's URL will be deleted from Mr. Linky and noted as Spam. Just wanted to let you know!

Donna said...

I love shopping too! It's so fun! I wish you a speedy recovery after your oral surgery. Once you're better, you might want to go shopping!
Have a great weekend!


The Liebers said...

I had my wisdom teeth out in high school. Apparently they used a local anesthetic and didn't put me completely under. I remember humming along to the radio the whole time. Hope you have a great weekend!! You can see my answers here: http://theliebers.blogspot.com/2012/11/friday-fill-ins_16.html

AlwaysJoy said...

Yeah I had my wisdom teeth out and it really wasn't bad! I have had fillings that were worse!
But it is a great excuse for slush puppies (but I am obsessed so maybe you'll want something more normal - but if not I recommend blue raspberry with extra shocker)