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I will absolutely rave about this book because it is probably the best book I've read this year. But it's not for everyone. The author takes her time telling the story, developing the characters, and the conflicts. But I savored all of it. At the heart of the story is a compelling human story--a moral dilemma. In some books it seems as though the author manipulates me into judging the characters in the dilemma but not in this novel. I sympathized, understood, didn't understand, and condemned--this story tugged at me and sucked me in. I thought I predicted what would happen, but no!

The lighthouse is as much as a character as the people in the story. I got a real sense of the isolation and solitude of being a lighthouse keeper. The descriptions of the sky, the ocean, and the mainland town--the people, the atmosphere, were all so rich.

It's such a beautiful book!

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