ten things tuesday...

Ten random things...

1) Even though it's vacation, I haven't slept in. I've been up and productive early.

2) Therapy was awesome. I got to talk through the things that make me feel insecure.

3) I can't seem to pick up the book group selection, Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. I have GOT to start it....got to got to got to...

4) I can't believe I haven't connected with my bestie to get together yet. Must remedy that.

5) Reading Kate Jacobs' books inspired me to try the pattern mentioned in the book. So, I've got to pick up some yarn and new needles. But I think I can manage the pattern.

6) Tomorrow is lunch with the Lunch-Bunch! We're going to Cafe Sorpreso!

7) Yesterday was 76 degrees... today is 73 degrees. Very weird for Norther Maine in April.

8) I did some computer maintenance that was long overdue. A full anti-virus scan that took hours!

9) Emergency: I need a peanut butter cup! It's an emergency!

10) I went to Wally World yesterday, it had been since before Christmas since I'd been. Nothing has changed. But they did have what I needed.

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The Gal Herself said...

If Revolutionary Road is anything like the movie, it's not exactly uplifting. :) But the wife's character, frustrated and creative and trapped, waa sharply drawn.