ten things tuesday

A mixed bag today, but these are ten things on my mind.

1) A former colleague of mine passed away after a brave struggle with bone cancer. She tried all kinds of experimental treatments and really fought hard. She was a senior staff member when I started teaching here and was very kind and helpful to me, starting out. Calling hours are after school Friday and the funeral is Saturday. I don't think I'll go to the funeral but I will definitely go to the calling hours.

2) The student teacher really struggled with a morning class. So much so that I almost intervened. But I didn't, I don't think it would have been welcomed, but he really struggled. He has to learn to be more flexible. We definitely need to talk about it later.

3) My friend who is Teacher Of The Year is frustrated by how political her award has become. The commissioner of education for the state seems to regard Northern Maine as the ugly stepchild, and has little regard for our region. I'm sad that her experience is being damaged by the political shenanigans.

4) The sun is shining and it's deceptive. It's only 25 degrees but with the wind chill it's 16. So it's really windy and really cold. Last week was in the 70s. Yeah, I just whined about the weather, even though I promised I wouldn't.

5) Fresh posters are hanging around the room. The projects that the students did look good--some are quite colorful. They appreciate their work being hung up.

6) The old posters are going to be thrown out. I kind of can't wait. I like purging my room of stuff.

7) I miss teaching this content. I wish I didn't have a student teacher when teaching the build up to the Civil War. Sad face.

8) Some other class is howling. I wonder what they're doing. I usually keep my door closed so that I am not distracted by other classes but the student teacher is oblivious to the noise. I am noise sensitive. Actually, I used to count footsteps of whomever walked by the room--thankfully my meds for OCD help.

9) The complete Harry Potter series is now mine--in eBook format! I just purchased them for my Nook. I'm so excited.


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The Gal Herself said...

#6 is important in your quest to banish to Clutter Monster!