ten things tuesday

Ten things about today:

1) I spent an hour and a half waiting for AAA to come tow my car from an icy driveway. After waiting all that time, the tow truck driver got in the car, backed it up and drove it away. I was beside myself.

2) I can't seem to get out of my own way at school this week. I've got to get organized for exams.

3) My mind is scattered, too. I can't focus. Long enough. To do anything.

4) Using a gift card I received for Christmas, I bought a new wallet. Now I need to transfer everything from my current one to the new one. That's a hassle. But the new wallet is paisley embossed leather!

5) I haven't chatted online with my sisters this week. It feels weird to go this long without chatting.

6) It disgusts me that Casey Anthony is in the news again. I can't believe I just wrote her name.

7) I taped quite a few shows last night, I wonder when I'll get a chance to watch them?

8) One of my doctors keeps rescheduling my appointment--it's been four months that I've gotten the runaround.

9) I think I'll go to bed early and read tonight.

10) I need a fluffy read now, since I finished A Tale Of Two Cities.


Alethea said...

Tuesdays always suck, don't they?

The Gal Herself said...

I like to mix my books up, too. And wallets are so important! The right one can make all the difference.