ten things tuesday

Ten things that annoy me during the holidays:

1) Cranky people. If the holidays are so tough on you, rethink how you do them. Spread cheer.

2) Obnoxious songs. Like Dominic the Donkey. And Grandma Got Run Over.

3) Aggressive salespeople. If I say I don't need help, I don't need help.

4) Too many scents. Going into stores and being overwhelmed with perfumes and potpourri scents is annoying.

5) Inability to think of what to get people.

6) Getting a gift from someone you didn't plan to exchange gifts with.

7) No snow. I know, I know I whine about the snow but... living in Northern Maine and having no snow at all during the holidays is kind of sad.

8) Missing my favorite Christmas specials.

9) Tangled lights. Or one dim bulb that you can't figure out where it is.

10) Stupid commercials. From the toys to the store ads.

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