ten things tuesday...

Ten things:

1) My students seem to be responding well to our discussions about the Bill of Rights. I'm trying to make it relevant to them in today's world.

2) One of my AP students is worrying me with her lack of follow-through. She doesn't deserve to be in the AP class.

3) In today's mail, I got a pair of jeans that fit me as though they were made for me. I have such a hard time finding jeans!

4) Also in today's mail was a box of fun holiday gifts I ordered. I can't wait to see the reactions of my nieces.

5) I'm excited to wrap presents and get things shipped off to Pennsylvania and Virginia. I hate that my sisters and their families aren't able to be with us for Christmas. It would be a blast for us to all be together.

6) I got to spend a lot of time with my niece last weekend, we had a lot of fun. We went to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1. It was better than I expected because I had such low expectations.

7) Some needy students have adopted me, they hang around my classroom all day long. I like it, but sometimes I need a break from being surrounded by people all day long.

8) I feel guilty that I accidentally photocopied the same handout twice. I hate wasting that paper. I could try to save it for next year but I'm afraid I'll forget I have them copied.

9) It was really nice to go to bed early last night. I mean, it was soooooooo nice.

10) This cracked me up:

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Diana_CT said...

#8 Do like I do when I want to remember something in the future, I put it down on my calender. I have these weird cryptic notes on my calendar to remind me of something.

Put a note on your calendar for next fall. Handout already copied, in my top desk draw.