ten things tuesday...

Ten things that begin with the letter H:


2) Hippos. One of my animal totems--the hippo is a source of power: Hippopotamus lives in Water, the ancient realm of birth, power, creation, imagination, and healing. Hippopotamus brings an awakening of our higher sensibilities. It enables lucid dreaming and spirit contact. Hippopotamus is a link to the spiritual, artistic and healing realms of water. It teaches you how to be strong in all of them. Learning to control powerful creative energies is the lesson that Hippopotamus gives you.

3) How I Met Your Mother

4) I'm a bit vain about my hair. It's really soft.

5) Halloween. It's just fun. Especially when little kids get all dressed up.

6) The Holiday Season. Best time of the year--festive music, lots of colored lights, and a spirit of giving.

7) Home. It's my haven.

8) Hamburgers. Yum.

9) Handbags. I love my Miche Bag.

10) Holding hands.

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The Gal Herself said...

You have me hooked on Miches! And soft, full hair is key to any situation.