ten things tuesday...

Ten random things as they pop into my head:

1) Had my annual physical today. So much poking and prodding. Luckily, I'm healthy and feeling very well.

2) I took the day off for my physical. I didn't want to rush back and forth between here and school (in the next town over).

3) I have enjoyed a delightful morning, catching up on some DVR'd shows. I have fallen behind on my watching.

4) I enjoy Anderson Cooper's talk show. I think he's interesting. And not hard to look at.

5) I'm synching my iPad. I don't do it as often as I should, I suspect, because it's taking a long time.

6) I downloaded Mayer Hawthorne's cd on a whim. I hope it's good R&B.

7) The weather stinks. Rainy, overcast and chilly. I had to put on actual pants, instead of wearing cropped pants. But I'm still holding out with my flip flops.

8) I have read 51 books so far this year. I'm not counting the AS Byatt book I was half through before I ditched it. And it's been pretty diverse reading, although I need to make more of a non-fiction effort.

9) Maybe I should go get a big glass of water. I've only had one glass today. I'm behind. At school I suck water down all day long.


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The Gal Herself said...

I love Anderson, too! He reminds me of a sweet greyhound.

I love that JFK quote. It was his acceptance speech at the 1960 convention but it's timeless. He was brilliant with words and speaking to our better angels. Thank you for reminding people that he did more with his life than screw Marilyn and get shot.