ten things tuesday...

In honor of being off to such a great school year, here are ten reasons I love teaching:

1) I can be creative. I have to be creative. Keeping teenagers' attention is tough.

2) Students often have unusual perspectives. Their world view is influenced in a different way than mine is.

3) Even though I teach multiple classes of the same content, no two classes are ever alike. Partly because of #2.

4) It gives me a valid excuse to correct people’s grammar.

5) Maybe, just maybe, I might influence someone to pick up a book or look up an interesting fact.

6) I feel like I'm giving them actual skills to face their futures--whatever that may be. I'm glad it's more than just a job.

7) I get to learn. A lot.

8) Technology is fun. Once I get used to it. Although if photocopiers count as technology--it's WAR!

9) I get to laugh. With and at. It's particularly fun to pun.

10) I'm good at it. Most of the time.

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