ten things tuesday...

Ten random things:

1) I haven't been to school. But I have to go to Caribou today so I might stop in and drop off my school supplies. Hopefully, my room is put back together.

2) School starts next week for me. I'll have a freshman homeroom so I have lots to do to get ready for Orientation night.

3) School starts with students on the 22. I'm not dreading it. I'm going to miss my old homeroom like crazy.

4) I ordered a couple of cardigans and a pair of chinos from Land's End. The chinos were back ordered. What a hassle.

5) I also ordered a couple new shells from Miche.

6) I should stop in my eye doctor's office to get a little tweaky adjustment to my glasses. And I they made an error on my bill, not in my favor.

7) Almost finished the second Harry Potter book. Maybe I can get that third book read before school goes back.

8) Morning Dunkin' Donuts makes my day. I should get some k-cups for school.

9) I met all my goals this summer. I de-cluttered the living room. But I still haven't had my bestie over for champagne mimosas. That's the last thing to do.

10) This has been a great summer. Full of reading and relaxation. And delicious naps. And it's not over.

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The Gal Herself said...

You have Miche!?! I have been so sorely tempted to try those. Obviously you give them a thumbs up because you're ordering more shells. But how enthusiastic is your endorsement?