I admit I have a purse problem. I lovelovelove purses! I like having seasonal purses--you know: lighter, brighter colors for spring and summer; darker, more earthy-toned for winter. And the Miche bag is the perfect bag for me. These are the two shells I bought myself for back to school. I'm getting quite a collection of shells. And now I know you can buy some on eBay, I might have to learn how to eBay!


  1. A friend from high school has learned to sew her own covers. She loves it. How roomy is it? About how long is the handle/strap?

  2. There are different handles/straps so if you want longer, it's available. I like these shorter ones, making it a hand bag. I should do a "what's in your purse" post to show how much stuff it holds. I think it's roomy. Mine is certainly heavy enough. :-)