friday fill-ins

Join in the fun here!

1. The only question is to nap or not to nap.

2. So much excitement in one day.

3. Three things on my desk: a baggie full of safety pins, a plastic knife, and a jar of pens.

4. Getting an iced coffee is the one thing I HAVE to do today!

5. I love playing with my iPad.

6. My classroom overwhelms the senses.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a delicious dinner out, tomorrow my plans include my pedicure and Sunday, I want to get motivated to work in my classroom, it's overwhelming how much I have to do!


Cathy Kennedy said...

Blog hopping this Friday. I enjoyed reading your FFI answers. When you get a chance you may want to check out… Friday Fill-In Fun answers and if you have time, then you may want to read WHAT’S HAPPENING TO MY TEETH my new children’s story. Have a lovely weekend!

Your friend,
Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

Janet said...

hmmm...spammer. She was on every person I visited from the Fill-Ins. Sorry!

Um, so, your iPad! Tell me what your fav apps are!

Kwizgiver said...

I love Pandora radio, This Day In History, the Monster Coloring Book, Flipboard and Netflix. Oh, and the Oprah magazine comes to life--I love the videos embedded in articles and interviews.

Diana_CT said...

You have to get out of the habit of napping now that school is starting again.