travel day 2...

Went through Connecticut first--Hartford wasn't too bad.
Then through New York, which seemed to take forever.
And here we are in Pennsylvania!

Another long day of travel but great fun was had by all. I'm so glad to be here.


The Gal Herself said...

Glad it's all going well. I well understand the pre-trip anxiety and am happy it was unfounded. And I love Pennsylvania. If you get a chance to stop for a few hours in New Hope, take it!

Mrs. Chili said...

New York is a big state. I always feel like the stretch we take in NJ is the worst.

I'm happy you're there, and I'm happy you're happy! Keep blogging!

jon said...

Did you visit my old neighborhood? It is in the upper right hand corner.

I thought you could stop at my sister's house and tell her to write.


never mind!!!

Unknown said...

Glad your trip is off to a good start. I love Pennsylvania! Hope you waved as you blew by Rhode Island!