ten things tuesday...

On the road edition:

1) I'm enjoying a leisurely morning with my sister, we're both on our laptops, sipping coffee and watching the news. The dog is at my feet.

2) The weather in Pennsylvania was overwhelming to me. Over 100 degrees plus a heat index of 5 or 6, it was oppressive.

3) The Pennsylvania portion of the trip went w-a-y too fast. I miss my sister already.

4) My dad is a go-go-go type of traveler. He wants something planned for every minute, instead of the rest of us who are laid back, do whatever travelers.

5) We have laughed. A lot.

6) My youngest niece is attached to me. She wants to hang out with me all the time. It's been fun.

7) I haven't taken any pictures! This always seems to happen to me. I'm going to remedy this today.

8) The girls and I played Harry Potter Charades last night. It was funny. They don't really understand how to play.

9) My sister makes the best whoopie pies. I'm about to have another one with my coffee.

10) It's been such a delight to share this trip with my parentals. And my niece. We've bonded even more.


Bev Sykes said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! (I could have done without the heat, though)

The Gal Herself said...

Niece-aunt bonding AND whoopie pies? Heaven!